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Been a while hasnít it!! Lots of new puzzles and books in the catalogue and the links have been updated - check them out.
19-11-2003 Add new puzzles
26-10-2003 Morphology sculptures added - plus xyz and GEB cubes
17-08-2003 At long last the online ordering pages have been updated. Also some new books and wooden puzzles
14-03-2003 Add Tavern Puzzles to catalogue
15-02-2003 Added online puzzles and my pic-a-pix designs. Also some new products
26-08-2002 Compendium of cube-assembly puzzles added
June sometime! - Added Trench Puzzles
16-04-2002 Preview for Trench Puzzles and add link to 3d
jigsaw site.
18-03-2002 Add Mad Cow Puzzles
09-03-2002 Add Nail Puzzles to front page and catalogue.
04-03-2002 Add Armchair sportsman puzzles, mw puzzle and order form. Also promote new puzzles to come.
29-01-2002 Put Printable catalogue on front page
06-01-2002 Put new address on each page + update from xmas
27-11-2001 Add Eureka Q and Hybrid
03-11-2001 Add QED to catalogue and add Cubism for fun link
21-10-2001 Add Eureka bottles to catalogue and amend front page to link to relevant pages. Also add link to Martin Watson.
30-09-2001 Add Christmas crackers and link from cover page.
05-09-2001 Change webstat link
24-08-2001 Add a couple of links to the links page
20-08-2001 Rename magic dice and put titles on catalogue pages to help search engines
19-05-2001 Add Magic Dice pages
05-03-2001 correct typos and add titles to pages


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