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Pic-a-Pix puzzles are puzzles that require logic to complete a grid using the number clues given. See here for how to solve these puzzles.

Taking this idea and combining it with dissection puzzles gives a range of possibilities. If you simply take a Pic-a-Pix and dissect the solution into a number of pieces, then the puzzle has two parts. Firstly you must solve the Pic-a-Pix and then you must take the pieces and make the picture again.

A slightly more difficult puzzle is made if you start removing some of the clues to the Pic-a-Pix and replacing them with question marks. This tells the puzzler that a block of squares is there, but not how many. You can then dissect the solution and a combination of logic and trial and error will allow the solution to be found. I have done this with a puzzle called Charlie.

Currently the puzzle can be printed out and then cut from paper or card. I will be producing a number of these puzzles using laser cut wood, with two colours to show dark and light. It is also possible to colour wood in bright colours and I am working on one of the multicoloured puzzles now. Watch this space.

If you want to have a go at some more Pic-a-Pix puzzles then click here.

Many thanks to Conceptis for providing the puzzles on this page. Please visit their site by clicking on the banner below.

Another puzzle I have created uses 16 square blocks, each one having a 5 x 5 pixel grid on it. The first thing to do is solve the Pix-A-Pix, then assemble the 16 squares to make the solution. You can then remove one, and treat it like the classic 15 sliding block puzzle. Mix the pieces up by sliding them around - best done if a tray is made - do not pick the pieces up and swap them, or you may make an impossible puzzle. Then try and reform the picture. I have made this one out of small wooden blocks, coloured and then glued together to make the final pieces. Click here to see more details on this puzzle

I would like to thank Conceptis for allowing me to use some of their puzzles on this page.