Janus Puzzle

In 2003 I designed a two layer sliding block puzzle, that was based on the classic 15 puzzle. I wanted to find a way to allow the pieces to 'interact' with other pieces, and change what the player saw when playing with the puzzle. This was the first attempt at such a puzzle.

It was entered in the 2005 IPP design competition, but unfortunately did not receive any prizes. See IPP Design website for more details.

Each digit used is made up of elements in the same way as a digital display. Typically there are 7 element in each digit, and I decided to split these in various ways and put some on the top layer of the puzzle and some on the bottom. It was a puzzle in itself to try and ensure that only the correct 2 pieces would make a digit.

You will see from the puzzle below that we have now split the puzzle, and you can see the two layers completely seperate. The original puzzle that was made proved to be very difficult, and this was partly due to the difficulty in reading each piece, to see what elements it carried.

Instructions for playing the puzzle are given below, and my thanks to Eric Solomon who wrote the Java for the game.

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