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Ornamental Dissections

These fully interlocking shapes are hand cut with a fine bladed fretsaw from a single piece. Hand crafted in the UK from selected hardwoods (Principally African Walnut, birch, maple, chestnut, pine and beech). They are lightly stained and waxed to seal the wood and enhance their life, tactile qualities and grain appearance. The spheres and eggs have slightly flattened bases so that they can be stood on a flat surface, although wooden display rings and egg cups are supplies free of charge.

Above is an egg which has been cut in such a way as to contain a small chick - what else!

Personalised Dissections
You may select your own combination of letters and/or numbers/symbols for a dissection. These are only available by special order and normally take 2-3 weeks to deliver in the UK.

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