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JANUS online puzzle


Slocum Puzzles - Jerry Slocum’s website

Burr Puzzle Site - Site Dedicated to Burr Puzzles

Puzzle World - site run by John Rausch. Includes bulletin board and lots of puzzle information.

Puzzle Museum - James Dalgety’s museum site.

Pentominos site - site dedicated to pentominos.

Twisty Megasite - A rubik site with some interesting bits and pieces.

Cubism for fun - A site for fans of puzzles. Based in Holland with a newsletter published 3 times a year.

Martin Watson’s Puzzle Page - A UK based collector and designer

Buttonius Puzzles and Plastics - Peter Knoppers’ company for laser cutting puzzles and other objects.

Ian Rowland - A magician who produces WOW cards (impossible objects)

Jaap’s puzzle page - A fantastic reference site for all things Rubik

Eric Solomon’s website - Some very nice puzzle games that you can play online. My favourite is Searchlight Mazes. Give them a go.

Markus Gotz - Markus designs some very nice puzzles. Whilst his site isn’t in English, you can try his puzzles - especially Triagonal Slide-Out.

Puzzles of Leonid Mochalov - A russian puzzler who has some very nice ideas shown on this site

Rob’s Puzzle link page - A very nice links page for puzzle enthusiasts.

What to do with the Kids - a great site for planning that day out,

Best Kids Puzzles - jessi the kid, crossword puzzles, websters dictionary, printable crossword puzzles .

What to do with the kids - loads of id4eas for days out and activities with the kids.
Other sites to buy puzzles

Puzzle Craft - A US based manufacturer of high quality puzzles

Kagen Schaefer’s site - A great new craftsman making unique puzzle boxes.

Kadon GamePuzzles - A fantastic site full of puzzles, games, contest and lots more - go there now!!

CubicDissections - Another great site by a puzzle maker. Eric Fuller has set up a co-operative of puzzle makers to supply fantastic new puzzles.

Mr Puzzle - Another fantastic puzzle maker - I have a number of his puzzles in my collection.

Mefferts - The worlds leading supplier of Rubik type puzzles

Jack-in-the-Box Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzling Puzzles - I met these nice people recently and they have some excellent metal puzzles. Seems the Aussies have quite a puzzle thing going on down under!

Pazuru Puzzles - High Quality Jigsaw Puzzles from Japan

Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of wire and wood brain teasers. In addition to this they also carry speciality jigsaws and chess sets

Secret Boxes UK - A UK based puzzle box site - lots of nice Japanese secret opening boxes.

Puzzle box world - A US based site for puzzle boxes from all round the world.

Quagmire Puzzle Boxes - Unique Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle Boxes & Engraving Services


Safety on the Internet - a site devoted to helping people stay safe
whilst browsing.

Mailboxes Etc Essex - A great service from a friendly company, give them a try.