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PUZZLE - n. 1. a difficult or confusing problem; an enigma. 2. a problem or toy designed to test knowledge or ingenuity. v. 1. tr. confound or disconcert mentally.

Welcome to PottyPuzzles, the web site for 'manipulative' or mechanical puzzles, including Burrs, interlocking block, wooden assembly, and wire disentanglement. Follow the links on the left to learn more about this site, or to see the kind of puzzles I am interested in.


Web Master: Frank Potts

Camden puzzle and magic evenings

On the first Wednesday of every month there is a puzzle and magic gathering in Camden, London. All are welcome and entrance is free. Please bring along any puzzles, games, toys or gadgets you may have.

Usually starts around 7-30pm. If you would like more details then please e-mail me at the address below.

The Lockside Lounge
The West Yard
Camden Lock
London NW1 (closest tube is Camden Town)

Held at;